With over 10 years of experience in the derivative arbitrage space and a primary focus of identifying low risk investment opportunities that yield enhanced superior returns, TransGlobal Securities grown into a specialist in the derivative arbitrage space. From design to execution of derivative arbitrage trading strategies, the firm focuses on capturing arbitrage opportunities across the spectrum of the arbitrage universe from market linked/index arbitrage to quantitative focused volatility & statistical arbitrage models.

TransGlobal engages in identifying, developing and executing various derivative strategies across the board for its clients. Since the inception of futures & options in the Indian landscape, the firm has built a strong capability in the derivative space and specializes in advising clients on innovative hedging & derivative strategies that aims to achieve a superior and enhanced risk-return profile.

The firm currently has over 400 arbitrage traders across 7 dealing rooms.

Our unique offerings are as under,

  • Arbitradge Trading & Hedging
  • Derivative Trading
  • Equity Broking
  • Depository